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In 2011, Dr. Sachiko Kuno, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of S&R Foundation was approached by the DC chapter of the Kyoto University Alumni under the initiative of Dr. Yuki Watabe and Mr. Takashi Muragaki to create the Global Leadership Program. Dr. Watabe and Mr. Muragaki proposed a Washington, DC-based short-term study abroad program focused on introducing international career opportunities and leadership skills to students from Kyoto University.

Dr. Kuno has supported this program since its conception in 2011, implementation in 2012, and its expansion in 2013. In 2015 this program evolved into the current Kingfisher Global Leadership Program, a two-week-long U.S. study abroad program for undergraduate and graduate students implemented by S&R Foundation in partnership with Kyoto University.

From 2021, this program will continue under Kyodai Collaborative’s leadership.