Kyodai StoryKyodai Collaborative is the result of a discussion between motivated Kyoto University alumni that took place in April 2020. Their aim was to establish a broad community independent of Kyoto University where Kyodai-sei past, present, and future could accelerate their successes and enrich their lives by connecting with their peers, U.S. based partners, and Kyoto University faculty and staff. This organization is open to collaborating with anyone who is interested in supporting our main goals of promoting Kyoto University’s research, highlighting international collaborations between alumni, empowering the next generation of Kyoto University students and aspiring students while growing Kyoto University’s overseas audiences and profile. We encourage you to get in touch via our contact form to learn more about how you can get involved.

Our Mission and Vision

Kyodai Collaborative’s mission is to advance Kyoto University’s commitment to academic freedom, excellence, and the pursuit of harmonious coexistence between all humans and ecologies globally by building strong intercultural relationships in support of research, leadership development, and passion for tackling complex problems.

We envision a world of peaceful co-existence within the Earth’s human and ecological community where people tackle complex problems collaboratively, respectfully, and sustainably.

Our Values


Our Board of Directors

Devang Thakor, President
Vice President, Intellectual Property of Turn Biotechnologies, Inc

Isabelle Johnson, Secretary & Treasurer
CEO, SK Impact Fund

Yuki Sako, Board Member
Counsel, K&L Gates
JCAW Foundation, Board of Directors