Kyodai ProgramsKyodai Collaborative currently has two ongoing programs and a new program was established in 2023 to support our mission of advancing Kyoto University’s commitment to academic freedom, excellence, and the pursuit of harmonious coexistence between all humans and ecologies globally by building strong intercultural relationships in support of research, leadership development, and passion for tackling complex problems.

Webinar Series – Kyoto University Voices

Kyodai Collaborative delivers webinar panel discussions on various topics for our community to highlight Kyoto University alumni voices and to promote Kyoto University by featuring research and international collaborations in diverse fields. Learn more about the webinar series and view previous recordings here.

Kingfisher Global Leadership Program

On an annual basis, we provide 10 currently enrolled Kyoto University students with the opportunity to visit the United States for two weeks to learn first-hand about international career opportunities and to visit offices such as NASA, NIH, the U.S. Department of State and more. Learn more about this program’s history, methodology, and eligibility requirements here.

Shida Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is designed to provide scholarships to students and researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University who will undertake long-term research studies at universities and research institutes in the United States. This program is based on the will of the late Mitsuzo Shida, a graduate of Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering and later on became very successful in the United States, and is funded by generous donations from his bereaved family.   Please click here for application guidelines and other detailed information.

京大コラボでは現在、京都大学の以下の使命を支援する為、既存の二つのプログラム に加え、2023年には新たなプログラムも追加して実施しております。

ウェビナー・シリーズ – 京都大学の声