To be eligible for the Kingfisher program, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student
  • Enrolled at Kyoto University
  • Proficient in English because sessions will be held in Japanese or English at a very high level
  • IELTS Score 6.0 or greater
  • TOEFL iBT score 80 or greater
  • TOEFL IPT(and PBT) score of 600 or greater
  • Eiken Pre-1, or 1
  • Toeic Score of 700 or greater

Participants are expected to:

  • Participate in all program activities
  • Be aware of the demanding schedule.
  • Be interested in International Affairs/Development
  • Program has a focus on the U.S.-Japan Relationship, but is not limited to it
  • Be able to act responsibly throughout the duration of the program
  • Program Staff will not be with participants 24/7, and they are facilitators not chaperones
  • Be inquisitive and proactively engaged
  • Program requires participants to actively take part in Q&A sessions.
  • You will be required to give a final presentation on your experiences in front of invited guests and program staff.
  • Be open to experiences outside of your academic field
  • Program is interdisciplinary by nature
  • Academic excellence

Selection process:

Participants will be determined by a joint committee of participating Kyoto University Staff/Professors, and Kyodai Collaborative leadership. They will review all application materials. Top applicants will be selected and proceed to the interview stage. Final candidates will be determined after the interview stage is complete.

Selection criteria require all applicants to:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements
  • Provide copy of Academic Transcript
  • Provide copy of TOEFL iBT, IELTS, OR TOEIC Scores (only one test required)
  • Resume/CV Answers: Experience in each section is evaluated as a whole and having experience in each section is not required for final selection
  • Discuss:
    • Past living/study abroad experiences
    • Work/Internship Experience
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Other Skills/Certifications (Includes Awards)
  • Demonstrate English Proficiency (determined through Test Scores, English essay and short answer responses, Interview)
  • Write the required essay (500-750 words)

Example Essay Questions

Describe your motivation for applying to the Kingfisher Program and your future career goals.
How can Kingfisher help your personal development?
What makes you feel as if you will be a good fit for the program?